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Dogs enjoy social play with their friends at Doggie Playhouse.

Their stay will be a happy one!

Doggie Playhouse

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A fun getaway

for your furry friend

Engage your dog by...

Let us help you...

Let your dog play with other dogs

We love dogs as much as you do! Let us provide your dog with a safe, clean, and fun environment.


Your dog will get a healthy outlet for their energy by playing and socializing with other dogs.


From cage-free boarding to affectionate petting from our staff, your dog will love staying with us.

Find the best care for your dog

Let your pet enjoy all the services we have to offer:


• Comfortable private boarding

• Dog daycare

• Full grooming services


• Training by 

RSC Dog Training

"Good dogs are born, great dogs are trained."



Try our quick baths and nail trims!

We hope that you and your dog will visit us often.

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$5 OFF Grooming

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